Basecamp is a unique blend of an interactive children’s museum, indoor recess, a parent’s lounge, a type of modern day community center and your favorite playdate that’s always available. Both the physical space and the culture of Basecamp is designed to be a work in progress, a process not a product.

Welcome, we’re glad you found us. At basecamp on the highest mountain on earth, you’d find a place to socialize and connect with other climbers; you might find shelter from harsh weather conditions; you’d have the chance to share and receive information and supplies that would be crucial to your journey. Above all, you would simply find respite.

Basecamp McCall invites families to lighten their loads and re-fuel their spirits. We support the work and play of families by providing kids abundant opportunity for friendship and enriching free play, and by providing parents time and space to recharge, connect with others and get a few things done. Both children and adults feel that Basecamp was created just for them, and they are right.

Often there are many climbers traveling the same route. They may carry different gear, pace differently or vary in numbers. But we all have our eyes on the summit. So let’s climb together. It’s safer. And more fun. On belay!